Music Gifts, Nothing But Special Music Gifts: 2 Mother's Day Wall Calendars With 13 ( ! ) Monthly Pages


Music, Mother's Day, calendar, gift: The Mother's Day calendar from "Bach 4 You". You don't have to research long: 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches it is one of the value priced calendars and it costs € 18,90. The two larger sizes cost € 35,90 and € 43,90. Please add shipping and handling fees to all mentioned prices. All taxes are included. You get directly to the shop with a click on the button. However, if you just want to convert the Euros into Dollars, feel free to click here.

If this is no gift related to the subject of music for the next Mother's Day, what would it be than?! Exactly three times  your wishes are listed: On the title page, all over the month of May and after that again next Mother's Day. Plus as a gift it's related to the matter of music for a whole long year. On all the monthly pages there are not only hearts, but these hearts are all additionally connected to the theme of music.

The 12 monthly pages of the Mother's Day calendar are related to the themes of love and music. This calendar however, has a 13th monthly page. 


English and German. Music and love, Calendar and gift: The Mothers' Day calendar from "Bach 4 You".


One More Hot Off the Press Mother's Day Calendar with Hearts and Music

There is no value priced version of this particular Mother's Day calendar. It will only be printed if your order. And that is € 25,90 in the size 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, € 35,90 in 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and € 43,90 in the size 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. Please add shipping and handling costs and all taxes are included.P lus ... you get to the shop with a click on this link.


This Mother's Day calendar comes with a 13th monthly page (... below), again with all good wishes for Mother's day, almost one year after the initial wishes.


Music, Music Music, that is what you connect to the name of Johann Sebastian Bach. With "Bach 4 You", the shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House you connect one cool offer additionally: Gifts for music fans, gifts for musicians and finally 2 gifts for Mother's Day, too. 99 + 4 calendars are 99 + 4 music gifts.



The Exceptions on this Page: 3 More Music Gifts


On the left it's the Bach calendar, on the right it's a music T-Shirt.


Please meet the "Bach 4 You" calendars with a grid and many more cute and impressive music gifts … learn more. 


On the left side a Bach calendar again, on the right side is the little Bach figure. To the shop.





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