Music Gifts, Just Great Music Gifts: 33 Real Cool J.S. Bach Calendars for You and Your Friends

A Bach calendar, a music calendar, a music gift, a gift for musicians.


The music present number 1 on this page, it is the most elaborate of the 33 calendars on the theme of Bach. Would you like to know the prices? That works quite simply. Click here on this shop link, then hop to the Bach calendars section and click on the calendar of your choice to discover the monthly pages (67).


If you don't like to read much, just click on the info button and you get to a summary of all 99 music calendars. Check them all and if you want to discover the 12 monthly pages, click on the shop button, decide for your calendar category, find the calendar of your choice and experience the monthly pages. Have fun.

Was Pablo Picasso the master? Who knows?! A perfect Bach calendar, a perfect gift for musicians.


The Bach calendar "Bach freely after Elias Gottlob Haussmann", by the way the painter of the most famous and probably only authentic Bach portrait, is a really cool music present. Bach, as Haußmann two centuries painted him ... as works of art by experts in the 21st century (68).


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A gift for musicians and classic lovers: Bach was portrayed often. Here are the most well-known Portraits sympathized by an actual artist.


A painter from our internet time painted the portraits of the Thomaskantor in one style. But how ... might Bach have really looked like?  It's more of a conservative, authentic Bach calendar. For serious musicians as a musical gift. For example (69).


You don’t want to „work through“ the total of 1,188 monthly pages on this website? You prefer to select one calendar style and after that, you want to learn more about the monthly pages?



It’s that easy. Click on the info button and hop to the shop. There … decide for the category, find your calendar and there they are: the monthly calendar pages under this calendar.

The Bach calendar, which is also a music calendar and also a music gift. How to order it? The best way is to order it in our shop. You know how to get there, don't you?!


12 watercolors by the same artist present 12 of 33 Bach monuments: modern and historical. Such in Germany and also two abroad. On each calendar page there is a quote of a personality about Bach or about Bach's work (70)


What a coincidence: a Bach calendar, a composers calendar, a music calendar, a music gift, plus a gift for musicians.


We found him: Mr. Phong in Vietnam. And he portrayed us "a whole load" of Johann Sebastian Bachs. Each individual work of art is based on an authentic model of masters of the 19th and 20th centuries. They have been put together by the two creative artists Renate and Peter Bach Jr. and today you can order this Bach calendar as a music gift in the shop. You get to the shop with a click here (71).


Right, you get one Bach calendar in this design. Much more exciting is the composers calendar. Two exceptional music gifts and cool music calendars. Read more below the coming pictures.


It's almost impossible to convey believably. Exactly from this design, which Vivian painted for us, you can choose from 36 experts among the composers and put together 1.25 billion different variants of composers calendars. But here we are in the "corner" of Bach calendars and there we have "only" had 12 Bachs painted by her. From historical originals. In her style. If you like this style just as much as we do, you can order this Bach calendar as a music present in our shop (72).



The next Bach calendar, which is actually - in the broadest sense - also a composers calendar. However, don't let us confuse you with this wordplay.


A completely different Bach calendar, a completely different music gift. The basis is a very specific portrait of Bach, it is easy to recognize that it is the one of Elias Gottlob Haussmann. A next artist portrayed Bach after this Haussmann original and in the house of the Bachs in Flein, not Eisenach, not Weimar and not Leipzig, both added different shades to the cartoon. Meaning? 1 picture, 1 cartoon, 12 x Bach in different nuances of colors. What ... a music gift (73)!


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The grey and white music gift, the grey/white Bach calendar.


Music gifts: This is a Bach calendar with authentic Bach portraits ... mixed with modern, hip, stylish graphic elements. And all this without color and just with grey, black and white. Cool. To the shop (74).


The cross-generation Bach calendar. What a music gift, what a Bach calendar.


Traditional Bach lovers: Please continue scrolling as soon as possible. Here in this Bach calendar, there are really some very, very experimental styles. All portraits are Bach, but whether many music lovers will recognize this, remains to be seen. The great portraits, those were experts many, many years ago. The little cool colorful ones: That were artists of our internet era. By the way, this Bach calendar also exists exactly the other way round. Serious pictures small ... the cool, stylish-hip ones big (75).


The light green and light blue music gift: the light green and light blue Bach calendar.


These are the already well-known traditional portraits of Bach, painted in the past by renowned artists who had no idea what Bach really looked like. But perhaps one or the other was inspired by Elias Gottlob Haussmann, whose 1746 work is considered the only authentic portrait of Bach. There are 2 copies of this one from Haussmann's students. The original hangs in the Leipzig Town Hall (76)


Wow, what a daring musical gift for Bach admirers. But at least the little pictures are serious, traditional, historical. But not ... the big motifs.


This Bach calendar is an exciting collage of portraits of artists from three centuries. There are two portraits of Johann Sebastian Bach "on offer" per month. One is historical, a second from the internet age 2.0. (77).


A different style, a different Bach calendar, a different music gift. But ... the same composer from Eisenach in Thuringia.


The shades of blue, white and grey are a favorite theme of the artist, who "processed" the works of art on which they were based. The blue is even represented in the leading motif of the whole "Bach mission". Thus Bach is immortalized throughout the entire Bach theme (78).


A music gift for traditional Bach fans: 12 well-known, however not famous painters have immortalized Bach.


Bach calendar, music calendar, music gift: There are 12 rarities, some of which are very, very rare to find today. They are perfectly scanned, then not manipulated at all - i.e. not photoshoped* - and all 12 together result in a very serious Bach calendar: what a music gift. *... did you have to check twice?  ... did you also have to look three times? It's the verb that results from the computer tool and the Photoshop software. Yes ... that's how it is today. Your way to the shop (79)


Bach + postage stamps = a music gift + Bach calendar.


A music gift and a Bach calendar and music calendar. It took more than three years for the creatives of the "Bach Mission" to find, buy and collect all the Bach stamps (80+).  


The music gift "music calendar": historic on the left, modern on the right.


And again a different design, but the same composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, the star among the approximately 200 members of the Bach family of musicians from Thuringia (81)


One more music gift by Anka. This style, actually these artworks, is what you already discovered above.


And again Anka was at work: She painted the 12 Bach monuments for us - in one style, namely as watercolors. The difference to the calendar above? This one is in landscape format and there are no quotations (82+).


 Is this Bach calendar a music gift for you?


The Bach calendar in blue and grey. They are not sure, how Bach looked like (83).


2 music gifts = 1 Bach biography for children and a matching music calendar.


It is almost not possible: a calendar with the biography of Bach for children. We at the "Bach-Mission" call this holistic and sustainable. The biography is available on paper, as an e-book and even better: as an audio book in three versions: once with a lot of Bach music, once with little Bach music and once with no Bach music. This is almost a music gift medley (84+)


Now the music present becomes a provocation. This music calendar, or Bach calendar, should not be thought of as a gift for grandpa (... who loves Bach), but rather as a cool alternative to use it yourself at the age of 14 to 24 years. It does not reflect much reverence for Bach's work. Neither should it.


Funn, funny ... what you can do the Bach of Elias Gottlob Haussmann. One of the really cool music gifts (85).


The music gift with the special note: These are well-known and very well-known as well as lesser known motives of Bach, newly painted and then mixed to a composition of black and white and colored.


Long live Mr. Phong from Vietnam, one of the Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. Without him we would not have been able to design many things the way we had wished. A big thank you once again halfway around the world (86).


The author's favorite music present = the author's favorite music calendar. It hangs in the home of the two Bachs in their Bach mission and he inspires with every next monthly picture.


The "coolest*" Bach calendar among the gifts for musicians: It certainly only fits into one of 1,000 homes. But there ... it is the focal point (87+ ... * = that is the opinion of the author).


A music gift for kids at an age when they can't fight back. Seriously: nothing can introduce so subliminally to classical music (... later) as a music calendar in the children's room on the wall at an early age.


The Bach calendar is also a children's music calendar. Here it is a cute "second use" of many cute drawings from the Bach coloring book and the Bach kindergarten game regarding the composer. It, the Bach calendar and it, the music present ... by the way - believe it or not - are designed by three members of the musical family. The artist who painted the drawings is a cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach in the ninth generation and lives in the USA. Your way to the shop (88).


The music gift for children at a time, when they practice first classical works on an instrument: a music calendar for children.


Very exciting: This Bach calendar, which is also a music calendar for children, that is to say a children's calendar, draws two cornerstones from the Bach colouring book with a once in a lifetime it's 12 adventures that Bach has lived through. Secondly, it is a small biography. But beware: please do not confuse the order numbers, because a very similar calendar is in English (89).


A really exciting music gift: a music calendar that uses the drawings from the Bach coloring book. Month after month it depicts the life of the Eisenach composer.

A cool "recycling" of the Bach coloring book, if you may say so heartlessly. No seriously, it is a cute Bach calendar and it is perfect as a music gift for very small musicians, because it is for coloring (91).


The second Bach postage stamps calwndar. By the way, there are even 2 composers postage stamps calendars.


It's one of the most dreamlike Bach calendars = music calendars = music gifts. And for whom is it not made at all? Right, for stamp collectors. All stamps of Bach on it are real small works of art and in this calendar size you can really admire them (92+).


It is the Quodlibet among the Bach calendars, the composer calendars, the music calendars and yet a cool music gift for humans, who think out of the box (... don't give it to dad, mom or grandparents).


A Bach calendar, a music gift- but only for really courageous fans of classical music. It is really a collection of motifs, ideas and curiosities. A Quodlibet (93).


One more music gifts and one more Bach calendar.


A Bach calendar in blue, grey, and white. Plus historic paintingas and modern notes graphic (94).


The "Bach cities and Bach places calendar", what a music gifts for Bach fans, who even plan to visit these Bach locations in the future.


Bach cities, Bach places and Bach portraits. Admittedly: The portraits of Bach are really not easy to find. But ... they are historical and serve only as a small "accessory". And then there is also the fact that the quality of the photos, which are worth experiencing in every respect, is not easily recognisable: Photographed in best weather by the author of the project "Bach on Bach". Please ... enlarge them and also remember to choose the medium size when ordering, or - perfectly - the large version (95+)


Oner of the most beautiful music gifts among the 33 Bach calendars.


One of the coolest Bach calendars ever. On a modern background there are 12 Bach treasures that you don't see every day. They are called "treasures" by the publisher. A really cool combination of modern and historical parts (96).


Again the 12 BAchs, in a different design: also ... you assumed it ... a nice music gift.


Actually, we slowly approach the very last Bach calendar, however not the very last music calendar and not all the very last music gift (97).


And once again quotes of personalities about Bach's works and Bach's person: an almost final music gift on this page, if we talk about Bach calendars.


The 12 monthly pages of the last but one Bach calendar. Howevr, not the last but one music gifts (98+).


A Quodlibet, what is a Quodlibet? Have you researched the link above? Please visit "Bach on Bach" and find out more. Here is another such Quodlibet, which is summarized as a music calendar: 12 exciting finds that we have arranged for you: a Bach calendar, a music calendar, a composer calendar, a music gift. 


Yes, it's sad and with the exciting number and the order number 99 the most extensive range of Bach calendars ends, namely 33 pieces. The uncompromising Bach friend can now order a next Bach calendar for a long, long 33 years without thinking about it, or make a music calendar as his music gift to himself for 99 years, then a composer calendar again and finally a Bach calendar again. True to the publisher's motto: music gifts, many, many music gifts (99+). 




The Exceptions on this Page: 3 More Music Gifts


The little Bach figure. Did you know that there is probably no place on the planet, where you can shop so many different Bach figures like in the shop of "Bach 4 You"? There are the Bach tin figures, both flat and 3D and there are two Bach monuments. Plus, there are 4 different Bach busts in 4 sizes. Most items come with a choice of 2 out of 10 free Bach gifts, if you purchase on. Even this little guy above coms with 2 Bach gifts, although we reduced your otions down to 3.


Billions of music gifts and with your purchase of every single one you could support our common Bach mission … learn more. 


The Bach bust. The four of many who have the best facial expression. And no, you can't buy the very large one as a small bust, and the very small one as a large bust. Unfortunately.


The Bach tin figure. What a beauty. It's the 3D tin figure, which actually is uncommon for tin figures as most are flat. You can order this tin figure as a painted original or as a blank one. Learn more about this unique offer in the shop.





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