Music Gifts, Nothing but Fancy Music Gifts: 33 Composers Wall Calendars

A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 1.


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A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 2 on this page.


The second composer's calendar, the second music gift on this page: a dream in blue, white and grey. Take a look at the works in large format, too, by clicking on one of the 12 motifs (35). 


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A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 3.


The next music gift: This composers calendar is relatively traaditional. Just a little bit of blue is what it "got off" in the backgrounf (36).


You don’t want to „work through“ the total of 1,188 monthly pages on this website? You prefer to select one calendar style and after that, you want to learn more about the monthly pages?



It’s that easy. Click on the info button and hop to the shop. There … decide for the category, find your calendar and there they are: the monthly calendar pages under this calendar.

A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 4.


Mary painted these artworks for Bach 4 You. And you can turn the collection into a music gift: authentic pictures, and all in a great watercolor style. The great composer names are a graphic-stylistic component in design (37)


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 5.


The music gift for a black and white living room or music room. The portraits of the 12 masters are ancient wood engravings and in a large format the top quality becomes particularly clear. Pay special attention to the inexpensive composer calendars in the shop, because a inexpensive composer calendar is a cheap music gift. (38)


A really cool music gift: the composers calendar no. 6.


This music gift and thus this composer calendar required not only two artists, but actually three. The first one painted the portrait of the composer a long, long time ago. The cartoon was created in 2015, and in 2016 Warhol was given a tiny "touch". But only a really tiny part. The result: cool and colorful. (39).


What a music gift: the composers calendar no. 7 on this page.


The music gift "Composers Calendar". This calendar is certainly one of the most conservative composers calendars that the publisher offers. It contains the 12 classical composers in 12 classical paintings, which a young artist has painted with great commitment. (40).

A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 8.


Another cool, very conservative composer calendar that you can turn into a music gift. No artistic bells and whistles. With these motifs in the office, in the practice, in the office, in the law firm ...  you don't trigger controversial discussions among the employees. And also not among the guests. What is meant? Wait and see the provocative designs (41). 


A perfect gift: the composers calendar no. 9.


The next music present: This composer's calendar is the gift in cartoon style. That ... is now already a more daring design ... the publisher likes to admit that (42).


The perefect music gift: the composers calendar no. 10.


Music Gift 43: Now you have to be brave, because this calendar is not as easy to understand as all 98 others. The way you see it here, it's one of the 99 music calendars, the 33 composer calendars, and the many, many music gifts. We have selected the gentlemen of the composition for you. By the way, it is a calendar fresh from the press (43).


But now there is a variant 2 and it is only € 10 more expensive. And what does that mean? We have 36 composers on offer in this painting style and you can put together your own "team" in this style. The title page will remain exactly this and unfortunately there is no possibility to wish Bach in June, Mozart in October and Liszt in December. But otherwise the gentlemen are finished and ready for your favor. Here you can have a look at all 36 of them at your leisure. And one tip is really important: look at the works of art as large as possible. These paintings do not seem small, this style. We have found that out for ourselves. And with one click you now come here to the 36th. Oh yes, also important: Unfortunately, you can only order your calendar "12 out of 36" via a direct mail contact to us. But: we do not bite in the personal contact. Promised.



A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 11 on this page.


The music present 11 on this page. Here a conservative current meets a cool-hip current. The 12 gentlemen above will still meet you sometimes, but always in a different style. And never rely on the fact that these 12 musicians are exactly the same (44).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar No. 12.


Music gift number 12 on this page: Yes, ... To hang these 12 gentlemen in the office, in the practice or in your waiting room requires some courage. However and admittedly: This composer's calendar, i.e. this music present, is already one of the really experimental ones (45).


A perfect music present: the composers calendar no. 13.


Music present number 13 on this page: Ancient ... better eerily historical wood engravings meet modern graphic elements: If this isn't a music present, of course only where it fits in with the furniture and interior design (46)?!


Music gift number 14: It is also not a composer's calendar for musical contemporaries who "can't stand the headwind afterwards". You have to like it. But you can also hate this style. Nevertheless, the gentlemen of the composition in blue + grey + white somehow already look ober-cool here (47).

Again a perfect music gift for big music lovers and for little music lovers: the composer calendar no. 15 on this page.


Music Gift 15 is also composer's calendar number 48. And this calendar is actually not meant for stamp collectors among music lovers. There are 12 small works of art that used to stick to the back by chance. Never before have you seen them as big as on this calendar and every stamp has finally earned its applause. Even after so many years (48).


A perfect music gift: the classical composers calendar 16.


Music present number 16: What a noble composer's calendar. The men on wood engravings harmonize with the blue and white on the right. What else can you add?  It's just "cool" (49).

A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 17.


Music gift 17 on this page: Also a composer's calendar that is quite experimental. But in a black-and-white living room?! In a puristic living environment? Maybe we wouldn't give it away as a music present, because the taste of your best friends would have to be 100% yours, otherwise the joy might not be so great (50).


A perfect music gift: the classical composers calendar no. 18.


Music Gift 18: Composer Cities and the Time of Dawn. 3 sorts of experts were at work here. First of all the photographers who took these dreamlike pictures. Then the painters, who painted the original portraits of the composers and finally a master from our century, who finally "conjured up" the pictures for the calendar collage. And a fourth? You suspect it ... was the one among us who then put it all together (51).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 19.


Music gift 19th Blue seems to be the preferred colour in the publishing house to put the men compositeure in a right light. Here again historical engravings of the experts meet with modern parts. The best way to see what has come out of this is to look at it in a really big way (52).

A perfect muisc gift: the composers calendar no. 20.


Music gift 20. This composer's calendar is called "Classic Meets Pop", but everything seems to be quite conservative. Since there are some extremely risky combinations of composer calendars, we think one can count them among the more conservative ones with a clear conscience (53).


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A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 21.


Music present and composer calendar number 21 on this page: It is the so-called blue hour or even a little before or after in which architectural treasures of experts are photographed in 12 composer cities. 12 cities fit as precise metropolises to the great musicians of their time. As do Mozart in Salzburg, Strauss in Vienna and Bach in Leipzig (54).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 22.


The music gift 22 is a lot more experimental than the last composers calendar. The photos of the composers' cities are alienated, the portraits painted after the well-known paintings that exist (55).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 23.


Music gift number 23: There are 12 wonderful combinations of historical engravings of the experts of music, together with perfect photos of the 12 composer cities from Vienna to Paris and from Leipzig to London. The special attraction of this composer calendar lies in the interplay of the black and white composer portraits with the wonderfully coloured photos of the locations throughout Europe (56).


A cool music gift: the composers calendar no. 24.


Music present 24: Again blue is in the game, even a lot of blue. But it's a completely different design and if you like this composer calendar here in the blue and grey tones, please don't confuse the two different calendars (57).


Again a perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 25.


Music Gift 25: Well, what can you say? This composer's calendar is simply... different and has its very own charm. Please take a closer look at the motifs (58).


What a music gift: the composers calendar no. 26.

Music present 26 on this page: another composer's calendar from the black and white edition. It fits perfectly to the corresponding ambience in the waiting area, in a reception, in the office or in your office (59).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 27.


Music gift and composer calendar 26 on this page: It differs considerably from the other stamp calendars of the publishing house, because on this calendar different composers are depicted on one stamp block, while on the other two calendars only Bach is depicted, or only one composer in each case. Attention, do not confuse order numbers in the shop (60).


A really cool composers calendar: what a cool gift for musicians. The no. 28 on this page.


Music gift 28 on this page of the homepage: The portraits are based on the historical, well-known paintings. But the "Splash", from which they now all look out, gives the serious gentlemen a very modern design. Unfortunately, you can't hang two or three calendars next to each other. And so all you can do is choose, with so many music gifts (61).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 29.


Music present number 29: And again a completely different concept in blue + grey + white. If you like this kind and this style ... then you don't have it easy, because even in this style there is not only a composer calendar. That's how the "Bach 4 You" is: There are simply different and similar music gifts about music gifts (62).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 30 on this page of this website.


Our music present 30, but attention. There are two very similar but different calendars. In this case, the calendar title is simply the calendar title of the music gift. Inside are no quotations. None at all. None at all. Why do we mention that? Because there is actually a calendar in which quotations are part of the game. But that ... is a Bach calendar. So, open your eyes when you buy a calendar. Thank you for your indulgence for my fiddling around with the many, many words. Ultimately ... the design is a strong composer's calendar and also a cool music present (63).


A perfect music gift: the composers calendar no. 31.


Music Gift Number 31: It's the coolest composer calendar on earth. That's what we find in our "Bach-Mission". Beethoven, Mozart, Bach ... they are all allowed several times. Hugely big and later again, then "in the pack" with their colleagues. Please have a look at these compositions of motives in large format. They seem less small. This music present is simply ober-hyper-mega-cool (64).


A Strauss Calendar? And additionally: which Strauss? No, it is a composers calendar. But there will be a Strauss calendar one day. What if you check with Zazzle? There soon will be a Beethoven calendar, a Mozart calendar and ... you guessed it a Strauss calendar, both father and sonand Richard Strauss.


Music Gift 32 on this page: for conservative musicians and music fans, but at least with a few hip, cool, colorful notes. It's a good composer's calendar and yet a really nice music present (65). 


A Handel Calendar? Really a Handel calendar? No, it's also a composers calendar. However, soon there will be a Handel calendar, which portraits Handel in the various painting styles of the artists, that helped to create these music calendars.


Music Gift and Composer Calendar Number 33 on this page: An ancient, pardon, historical card game is the theme for this work and with it it has its peculiarity for us in our "Bach Mission". We didn't find a single card game in a "design of our liking" that had 12 composers who appealed to us and finally Bach with it. And so it is the only composer's calendar under 33 in which Bach does not play the bean. What an outrage. What a composer's calendar. What a music present (66).




The Exceptions on this Page: 4 More Music Gifts 


The music gift "Bach bust" and the 2020 pipe organ calendar are really great gifts, also for musicians.


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A 2020 children calendar in the subject of music on the left and one of many music T-Shirts on the right are two of many more music gifts beyond composers calendars.


4 Bach busts = 4 music gifts.





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