Music Gifts, Nothing but Cool Music Gifts: 33 Music Wall Calendars For Children and Teens


A little hint on my own account: The music gifts for children, that is to say the 33 music calendars for children here are compiled from the 3 sections Bach calendars, composers calendar and music calendars. Therefore there are also music calendar on this page, which you have already seen on another page of this music gift website. So it's not a déjà-vu, it's all "okay that way". Caution: All numbers on these pages of this website are no order numbers. However, it's easy in the shop. We will help you.

The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 1 auf dieser Seite.


Music gift for children no. 1 on this page, again. We believe that most little musicians and music fans will love this little animal calendar. That's why we've chosen it, this children's music calendar, as our no. 1 on this page (2). 

The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 2 on this page.


Music present for children No. 2: Don't get confused. 33 music calendars for children, for older and older children and for already "very old" children consist of all 99 music calendars. However, each calendar retains its order number. And that's why the order of the numbers in this category seems to be a real hullabaloo (4). 

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The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 3 on this page.


Music present for children no 3. Now the numbers are getting clearer. Right? So in this case the children's calendar 07 is also the music present 07. But the question is only why these ladies and gentlemen were allowed to put little animals in a children's calendar at all, because they all just enjoy music and don't make any (7). 

You don’t want to „work through“ the total of 1,188 monthly pages on this website? You prefer to select one calendar style and after that, you want to learn more about the monthly pages?


It’s that easy. Click on the info button and hop to the shop. There … decide for the category, find your calendar and there they are: the monthly calendar pages under this calendar.

The music gift "music calendar for a little older children" no. 4 here.


Music present for gift no. 4 on this page. Only for fresh lovers this music calendar is perhaps the 100 percent suitable gift. For all other music lovers it must be enough that they can get enthusiastic about both: for hearts and also for music (9).


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 5 on this page.


Music present for children No. 5 (again) and also our second heart calendar. This music calendar is simply "just" a beautiful decoration if you, like us, like hearts (10). 


The music gift for the very littlest: the mini music calendar, so to speak (... no. 6 on this page).


The Music gift for children no. 6 on this page: for the very little among the children. You can hang this calendar over your mini's bed at the age of 2 months. However, the little one does not have so much of it at this age (12).


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 7.


Music present for children No. 7 on this page ... and here in the proximity it goes once again to the shop, where still many more music gifts wait for your attendance. The stars in the above music calendar for children are ... na little musicians, what else (14)?!


The music gift for teens and young grownups no. 8 on this page. It can't get any colorful.


Music gift for children number 8 on this page is an explosion of colors. And it can't get much more colorful than that (15), as mentioned alreay above.


A music calendar, no. 9 on this page, again for the older ones among your children.


Music gift 9 on ths page: an explosion of colors on the subject of music, volume 2. So, not music calendar number 2 and music gift number 2, but, ... well, you know already (16). 


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 10 on this page, again for the very littlest.


What a music gift: really cute for the little ones. The music calendar for the kids' bedroom. To the shop (17).


And again a children's calendar in the matter of music. No. 11 on this page, not the order number.


Music gift for children No. 15 on this page. Is it really sweet?  Yeah, sure, that's obvious. This children's calendar is as cute as it gets. And this music gift is also as cute as it certainly can't be cuter (18).


Wow, an Emoji calendar, actually a n Emoji calendar. The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 12 on this page.


The Emoji calendar is the music gift for children no. 12 on this page: You didn't know Emojis that musical before. Right? We could hire 12 of them, to "model" for an Emoji calendar and you can discover here, what came out with it (19+)


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 13, on this page.


The Music gift 14 for children: for kitten fans the kitten band. The kitten band is one of four music bands in which 12 kittens of the same species have come together to form an orchestra. Of course, this was reason enough to publish a children's calendar matching these cute musicians (21).


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The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 14 on this page.


... the perfect music gift for little puppy fans (22) ...


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 15 on this page.


... the music gift, for all those who love little panda bears (23) ...


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 16 on this page.


... and finally the music present number 16  as monthly pages here, for the elephant fans among your kids. We can currently rule out that more animals of one species will contact us for another band. But, you should never say "never". Remember: The elephant band introduces itself on place 16 on this page and is of course a children's calendar as well as a music present (24).


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 17 on this page.


Music gift for children number 17 - here and today - and yes, yes, yes, ... it is exactly the same children's calendar as the one on the first position on this page. You recognized it. Only ... here it is for coloring, so a little bit more uncomfortable. But maybe much, much more fun (25).


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 18 on this page.


Quite different little animals like to listen to music. Why that? Because they are still much, much too small to perform themselves (28). 


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 19, here on this page.


Music gift 19, on this page: It is simply the ultimate title among the calendar titles: "Music". Is there a better headline for a music calendar? For teens it's the hit. And the smaller ones, ... well, they just grow into it (29).


The music gift "music calendars for children" no. 20 on this page.


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 20 here. Yes, all  the stick figures have fun with music and with performing music. If that doesn't  make you feel like it (30).


The music gift "music calendars for children" no. 21 on this page.


Music gift 21, here: How good that half of each motif is already painted. So you're already 50 percent ready. The rest works like a charm with the colour recommendations and once it's finished, this children's calendar is the perfect, almost homemade gift for the grandparents (31). 


Ist it for children or is it for young people . Of is it the perfect music calendar for humans between 30 and 60? The number  22 on this page .


Back to a time that such kids, who hang this calendar on the wall in their room, have never experienced. But that doesn't have to be so. What is retro for us is exciting for them for the first time. (32).


The music gift "music calendar for children": the no. 23 on this page for the teeny bits in the family.


Music Gift 33 on this page. Here are music gifts and more music gifts for many, many children of all ages who enjoy music. And when these children are older, there are still many music gifts here. For over 100 years, if these children of today actually would like every style of our 99 music calendars (33).


The music gift "music calendar for children", no. 24 on this page.


Children's music gift 24 on this page: Yes, so concentrated on a few inches in size it is already a whole sharpened colorful affair. But ...1 monthly page full of pictures ... that is how you really enjoy this composer calendar, which is also a music calendar. And a children's calendar (... just for old children) and finally also a music gift (34).


The music gift "music calendar for children", the no. 25 on this page.


Noble, really noble ... is this composers calendar. Just the thing to immerse yourself in the world of classical music as a young person. Of course not ... for still too young people (42)


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 26 on this page.


This composers calendar (... and correctly also a children's calendar, or rather a teenager's calendar) fits exactly where other things in life are simply "outside the box", too. So ... these "masters of composition" are really cool. Such a composer calendar ... is really 'something quite  different' (45).


The music gift "Haussmann at its best" for older children, teenager and young grownups, no. 27 on this page.


This is actually a music calendar, a Bach calendar and a music gift: Haussmann painted Bach in 1746 and 12 artists of the 21st century created 12 more works of art from it (68).


The music gift "music calendar for teenage children". No. 28 on this page.


Elias Gottlob Haussmann in colors. Thanks, of course, to the master who portrayed the star composer in Leipzig in 1946. Without him we would never have been able to create such an exciting Bach calendar for young Bach fans (73).


The music gift "music calendar fitting the Bach biography for children", the 29th music calendar for kids on this page.


Petra-Ines Kaune, the sister of my husband Peter Bach, Jr. has painted all thse many, many cute illustrations for the Bach biography for children. Now you can purchase both as a combination. Many times ... there is no such thing (84).


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 30 on this page. No work with coloring it, no information about the life of Bach. It is our conveniant children's calendar in the matter of Bach music.


We have already painted all the pictures for you - electronically of course - and so you can hang a colouring book on the wall without letting the children play along. And it is the variant without biography (88).


The music gift "music calendar for children" no. 31 on this page. Have you always wanted to learn a little German, but never had the time. No there is a chance. Alternatively your kid makes acquaintance with his or her first German words. Hover, caution (... more hints like this will follow ...): Don't  confuse it, when you order in the shop.


Caution, caution, caution ... folks from all over the world. This is the German edition of this children's calendar. Now that you know there is a trap, be careful, when you order this calendar for children (89).


TA cool music calendar for children, no. 32 on this page. However, caution: This is in English. Do not confuse it in the shop, there is also a German one.


One more version of the Bach coloring book: On the left side is a biography regarding the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, on the right side there are pictures of the locations, where Bach once lived and worked (90).


The music gift "Music calendar for children" No. 33 on this page: It is a Bach calendar to color, which then looks for a great place in the children's bedroom ... or in the apartment or house of his or her grandparents. 


The life of Johann Sebastian Bach cannot be better communicated to the youngest than with this painting calendar (91)


3 Additional Music Gifts, the Exceptions on this Page


The little Bach figure: We waited such a long time for iut and now ... it's here. " free Bach gifts is what you get with your purchse. However, we decide for your 3 options.


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The Bach tin figure is a unique music gift. It is a 3D fin figure and you can purchase it colored or uncolored. And this item comes with your choice of 2 free Bach gifts.


The Bach bust is a cool music gift: You get them in 4 sizes, however, the portraits of Bach are different. You get two free Bach gifts with the purchase of one of the three big Bach busts.





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