The pipe organ calendar 2022: a great music gift, a great music calendar.


Our pipe organ calendar: music gift number 1 for grownups. By the way, did you know that you can still order any of the pipe organ calendars published in the last years? As long as stocks last, even as a socalled value priced calendar. If there are no value priced  pipe organ calendars left, then a freshly printed organ calendar is not much more expensive. This is the value priced music present  number 1 of the 33 music calendars. This music calendar has ... how well to remember ... also in the shop the order number 01.


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This children's calendar related to the topic of music was the first to be published many years ago by "Bach 4 You" in Southern Germany.


Music gift for children no. 2 on this page and of course also crystal clear: a music calendar for children. Which child doesn't like animals? And there is also a musician to paint on.


Here you will find music calendars with a grid, music gifts and you could support our Bach mission, even if you buy music gifts in other seller's shops … learn more. 


A music calendar, a music gift. It's probably the only music calendar on earth that's called that way. 12 dreamlike clefs result in 12 dreamlike monthly sheets.


The third music gift on this page: a really cool music calendar for "aged kids" and young at heart adults. It's released  2020 + 2021.


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A cute music calendar for children with the English title that also German dads and moms understand: "Kids and Music". It is available in 3 sizes and 2020 + 2021.


The fourth of the music gifts on this page ... a music calendar for the dwarfs among the future musicians. And it will be available this year, next year and the year after the next year. Right now in the version 2020 + 2021.



A music calendar, an opera house calendar, a cool calendar: 12 opera houses around the world are all photographed at the "blue hour". That's what you call a certain time between dusk and night, when the sky - mostly unnoticed - has a rich blue and you can discover that in the photos later.


Opera houses and the "blue hour" result in 12 cool monthly pages in a great music calendar and opera house calendar. It's the fifth great music gift on this page. Sure, another music calendar.



A music calendar, an instrument calendar. And with it quite naturally? Also a gift for musicians. 12 pictures of excellently photographed musical instruments are put together to create an exciting calendar.


The sixth music gift on this page: great instruments, great photographed. You remember? 2020 + 2021.



An animal calendar, a music calendar ... better a music calendar for children. But ... not for the very small ones. For somewhat older children this music calendar is something special.


Music gift numero 7 among the music calendars. A music calendar for cool kids.



The music calendar "Fireworks of Music" is actually not explicitly for children and not especially for adults. It works for both ... or ... as a perfect gift for friends, choir members or the piano teacher for Christmas ... for example.


The eighth music gift: Perhaps it is not suitable for the quietest future musicians and today's music fans.



Aha, a heart calendar. But also ... a music calendar. The title? Well, you see it above.


A hearty ninth music gift.  And with this music calendar the question arises: Will it be the "hit" as a music present between freshly fallen in love musicians ? 



Another heart calendar, but again a music calendar. And you can give it away to musicians, to everyone who loves music and to music teachers. For example.


The tenth music gift: Only a third of music gifts, namely 10 music calendars, you have "managed" so far!  In the pic above there are again 12 hearts, but in a completely different design than the first heart calendar.



A music calendar and at the same time a very noble instrument calendar: what a gift for musicians.


Our music calendar 11 on this page. In a modern design this calendar is one of the most conservative of its kind. And it's just the right music present for such people. 



Yes, it is out of the question for people over 8: a music gift and a music calendar for the very littlest ones.


The twelfth music gift on this page: Sure ... for kids!  And actually it's not only the perfect music calendar for kids, but it's the perfect one of its kind for very young musicians and music fans. Now you can also get to the shop quickly via this link. Well, now just click on the link .



What a mixture of black, white and gold: a noble instrument calendar, a noble music calendar and a noble music present.


The thirteenth music gift: a music calendar in a noble color combination of gold, black and white. And right ... the title of the music calendar is a little very cheeky.



A music gift for kiddies: a music calendar.


The fourteenth music gift in the shop "Bach 4 You": A music calendar for the youngest. 



An explosion of colors. A modern Calendar Artwork.


 The fifteenth music gifts: more color in a music calendar is almost impossible. It is, so to speak, the "fireworks of colors calendar" on the subject of music .



In colors not "from bad parents" as well (... a German saying): a second color fireworks calendar, what a music gift.


However, this music calendar is in no way inferior to the previous one: For the sixteenth music gift and music calendar the artist did definitely save no color. Click here to get to the shop. 



Again an option to introduce the littlest ones very carefully to classical music and to playing an instrument: a music gift, a children's calendar, a music calendar.


The seventeenth music gifts on this page. Learn about the order number in the shop



Plus, one more: again a music calendar for children.


The eighteenth music gifts: again a cute children's calendar. More precisely: a cute children's calendar in the matter of music.



The Emoji calendar. You decide, for which age this music calendar is the music gift that fits.


An emoji calendar: the nineteenth music gift on this page. This music calendar is just a joy. You don't have to be a child to love them: Would you have thought that there are so many smileys / emojis that actually make a smiley / emoji band together? We thank the 12 and make them our ultimate musician present for smiley lover and emojis lover.



Noble, noble ... this instruments calendar.


The 20th music gift: designed for young and old fans of classical music. And of course we are also happy that this music calendar is once again a more conservative topic among all the stylish-cool and hyper-hip music calendars and composers calendars. Here it goes - once again - to the shop.



Who doesn't love little kittens? Everyone loves little kittens. So we make a kitten calendar. You might make it a music gift.


The twenty-first music present on this page. For kitten fans, for music fans, for children. Children whose favorite animals are not kittens, puppies, little panda bears and little elephants must now be brave. Because only of the animals mentioned above there are complete music calendars. Of all the others ... unfortunately not. But anyway, puppies and kittens most always come first and that's why the music calendar with the kitten band is also our first music gift for the little ones in this design.



A music gifts, if you like puppies, beyond the one that is living with you at home. What a music calendar for children.


The twenty-second music gift on this page: For everyone who thinks puppies are cute and who loves music ... and then you are also a child or ... alternative ... have children. Or grandchildren. Or godchildren. Or great-grandchildren. 


Just a small reminder … learn more. 


The music gifts "panda bear calendar": So ... it is a musical panda calendar.


The twenty-third music gift here: If you're not into kittens or puppies, you might like little panda bears all the more instead: an upper-cool music calendar for kids . 



A music calendar, an elephant calendar, a sugar sweet small surprise for your dwarf.


The twenty-fourth music gift among the music calendars: Little elephants make music. The music calendar "The cute elephant band". 


A music gifts, a children's calendar, a little animal calendar, a calendar to color. What a combination.


The twenty-fifth music gift. It's the music calendar you've seen before: It's exactly the same here, but this is ... to color in. Did you notice the coloring suggestion on every calendar page? Do you want to order now? Click here to get to the shop.



The angels calendar: a music calendar and a music gift.


The angel calendar is the music gift number 26 on this page: It is the answer of "Bach 4 You", the small book and calendar publisher in Flein near Heilbronn in Southern Germany, to the wishes of all angel fans, both here in Germany and the USA and the rest of the world. Now you are spoilt for choice: Is it a music calendar, an angel calendar or a music present?



A music gift in light green shades.


The music gift 27: 12 music instruments in a unified graphic design. Not intrusive, but excitingly interpreted, together they make a great music calendar and a great music gift.



A music gift for the musical dwarfs among us.


Music gift number 28 on this page. Of course, you can't stand on one leg and this also refers to the animal design of the previous children's calendars on the subject of music. An alternative music gift are now this kind of little animals. And no, they don't play music, they rather enjoy music. So if your child doesn't play an instrument either, but likes music very much and animals too, then this music calendar could be the right music present. 



Is it a music gift or a gift for musicians? Good, maybe both.


Music present 29: modern, cool, young, aggressive. Nothing for musical souls of quiet tones. Isn't this sentence poetry? Hopefully no experts in this art will pass by here. No matter, whatever.


A children's  calendar  in the matter of music ... or a music calendar for children?!


Music present number 30. And if "dot, dot, comma, line" like ... as above ... is translated into English that way ... we will clarify that in the coming months.  Or if you want to turn such a music calendar into a music gift and order it. Because sending a calendar with a translation error ... that works just ... not at all.



A gift for children: a music calendar to color in. 


Music gift number 31 - on this page - is an exciting music calendar for children, because you can color exactly half of the pictures. The other half serves as a template and there is also a color recommendation. Well, if that's not a creative music gift, which one is it? 



A music gift rather for adults: one of the music calendars.


Music gift number 32. Right, this music calendar is a little vintage. Some people are certainly reminded of the "good, old" times in former times (32).


Music gift + Music calendar: But of course, only for the smallest future Mozarts, Beethovens and Bachs.


Music gift number 33 on this page. The last music calendar in this category of our music gifts, which at the same time just music calendars, but better children's calendar ... to the topic music. And now ... did we promise too much? You found music gifts and more music gifts.


The Exceptions on this Page: 3 Additional Music Gifts 


A music gift as well: a Bach calendar on the left side. On the right side there is one more specialty of the little publishing house: music T-shirts. Here you get to the shop for a last time on this page.



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There are not only music calendars, which could become perfect music gifts, but there is the pipe organ calendar, too. And there are many, many Bach gifts, like the modern Bach beer stein in the pic above.



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