The Little Bach Figure, the Bach Monument in 2 Sizes, the Bach Tin Figure in 2 Versions, the Bach Bust in 4 Options and Several Surprises Related to the Subject

The topic of music gifts: "Bach 4 You" is a specialist when it comes to buying articles about Bach and entertainment and information. With the portal "Bach über Bach" and the two homepages "Johann-Sebastian-Bach-für-Kinder" Peter Bach jr. informs about the master from Eisenach in Thuringia. Renate Bach offers a large selection of exciting Bach gifts in her publishing house and thus finances the financial expenses for illustrating the homepages and the costs for genealogy research.


From Small to Impressiv: the Bach Figure


First of all, it was the Bach tin figure. It existed long before the Bach mission - the Bach project about Bach and the publishing house "Bach 4 You" by Renate Bach and Peter Bach Jr. began. Why? Quite simply: because the father of Peter Bach jr, who together with his family did not yet know that he also belonged to the family at that time, was enthusiastic about tin figures. And was one of his collector's items already a Bach figure, a Bach tin figure. Of course it was small and not so beautiful that we offer it in our shop today. But she was the figure that inspired us to the last joint project with Peter Bach sr. after all three Bachs had been working together for 30 years - but not in the matter of Bach. Today she is one of the small figures, but in the publishing house, in order to avoid confusion, it is the Bach tin figure. Today, all of Bach's figures - from the Bach bust to the small Bach figure to the large Bach monument - have unmistakable names.



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The Little Bach Figur Is No Toy


Of course, we point out that. This figure is perfect for Bach fans who want to have a little fun in the showcase or on the bookshelf. Children could not only eat small pieces that come loose, but they could also eat the small sheet of music or the feather that has already come loose. And the most ambitious kiddies could swallow the whole figure. The hint is serious, but it is not described that way. We know that.


The small Bach figure: We have waited for it for a whole 7 years, namely since 2012, until it was finally created. That's why we're looking forward to offering it today as the cutest of all Bach figures. Here you will come right back to the shop.


The Second Offer: the Bach Bust in 4 Sizes and in 4 Designs


We have searched and searched: for the matching Bach bust and it is available in many variants and in just as many sizes. And only when you take a closer look do you notice that not all of them have a beautifully modelled face of Johann Sebastian Bach. And that not every good one has another in a different size. That's why we have decided to offer you 4 different sizes, which are also differently modelled. Unfortunately ... there is the very small but not with the face of Bach in the other sizes and the same is true for the big, imposing one as well. And because we are just in the middle: with the two in the middle it behaves the same. And in general: that would be 16 Bach busts to choose from and to the other Bach figures. It would be ... too confusing ... and simple ... too much.


The 4 Bach busts: It is the most beautiful modelling in the respective size.


The Bach bust in comparison: With the two coins, the euro and a US quarter dollar you get a good idea of how big these 4 masterpieces are. And for the first time a note on this page: In addition to the three big Bach busts there are 2 cool Bach presents for free and ... we would be especially pleased if you would support our mission with a purchase in the Bach shop "Bach 4 You".


The BAch busts: It is about the details and it's a game with light.


The Third Gift for Bach Fans: the 3D Bach Tin Figure


No, we didn't invent them, they already existed before the common mission. but we know where they exist and so you can buy them. It is heavy and 12 centimeters high. Enjoy the sight above ... from all sides. You get this Bach tin figure unpainted and painted by an artist.


This will give you a better feel for the size. Of course the coins are true to scale.


Displaying one Bach tin figure is cool, two - painted and unpainted - tell a story.


3.  The Flat Bach Tin Figure


It's our whole pride, as this tin figure resulted from the final cooperation with our dad, who died at the age of 94, after we worked together in a team for 35+ years. He was the tin figure collector in the family and he hated, if you called his beauties and his hobby "tin soldiers". So we decided to hire severarl artists, to create a new Bach tin figure and to paint it after that. Today "BAch 4 You" is the only palce on the planet where you can buy this paticular tin figure.


It's very important to understand that this offer is a flat tin figur, while the BAch tin figure above is a 3D modell. Plus the little Bach tin figure is much lighter compared to the relatively heavy 3D Bach tin figure.


What a cute little artwork: Do you see the little cherub holding the book for Johann Sebastian Bach. It creates the same amount of work as the J.S. Bach does. Your purchase doesn't come with both cois, the Euro and the US-Quarter-Dollar.


5. The Impressive Big Bach Figure: the Bach Monument Comes in 2 Sizes


This Bach figure, the Bach monument, as we call it in the publishing house, is available in 2 sizes. However, it took us 7 years to find out where we could buy it for you. And now it enriches our Bach offer enormously. To make it easy for you to purchase this work of art, we have added 2 Bach gifts to your purchase. Free of charge. And you can choose from 10 alternatives. Under the 4 photos of the two Bach figures you can briefly get to know the 10 goodies.


Twice the Bach figure "Bach monument" in different sizes and again 2 coins, the euro and the quarter. So that you can get a picture.  Alternatively there is also the comparison in the picture below. They are the two Bach monuments with the two hands of my husband. Good ... he has medium sized, rather small hands, but you get an idea. Right?


It's your decision: Does my husband have small or moderate hands?


The Bach figure "Bach-monument", detail 1 ...

... the Bach figure "Bach monument, detail 2 ...


... and on a final picture of the Bach figure "Bach monument: the rear side of the artwork.


Find Out, Which Bach Figure Comes with 2 Free Bach Gifts.


Find 2 Bach gifts for your purchase of certain items at "Bach 4 You" can choose. The most valuable is certainly the biography of Bach for children with around 26 euros, the cuteest is the little Bach figure, the most exciting are the 16,800 music sheets of Bach's electronic music (six chorale picture) and the coolest is the Bach quote medley, a kind of audio book consisting of the most beautiful quotations, the music of Bach and a 9-minute biography. However 2 Bach mini busts or two times the little BAch figure or a combination of both, is what doesn't work, sorry for that. 


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